На сайте представлены сведения о более чем 300 государственных и негосударственных вузах, имеющих лицензии на право образовательной деятельности в сфере высшего образования, учебных заведениях, специализирующихся на повышении квалификации и дополнительном образовании, а также об их филиалах, расположенных в Москве и Московской области.

Информация получена непосредственно от ВУЗов в 2013-2016 годах.

Информация о ВУЗе включает:

- полное наименование вуза и год его основания;

- фамилию, имя, отчество ректора, его ученая степень, звание;

- формы обучения (дневная, вечерняя, заочная и др.);

- категории выпускников: бакалавр, специалист, магистр и др.;

- продолжительность обучения;

- условия поступления и обучения (наличие госбюджетных мест, вступительные экзамены, конкурсы прошлых лет, отсрочка от армии и т.п.);

- перечни специальностей и направлений;

- адресную информацию со сведениями о проезде общественным транспортом и контактную, включающую в свой состав адреса вузовских сайтов в Интернет и адреса электронной почты.

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Английский язык

Примеры задач по английскому языку на вступительных экзаменах в Московские ВУЗы

РЭА им Г.В.Плеханова
Иностранный язык

Вам предстоит выполнить работу, состоящую из 50 заданий:
· Прочитать текст и ответить на 5 следующих за ним вопросов, выбрав правильный ответ из четырех приведенных;
· Прочитать текст и заполнить в нем пропуски, выбрав 10 подходящих слов из 15 данных;
· Выполнить грамматический тест на 35 тестовых единиц, выбрав правильный ответ из четырех данных.
Время письменного экзамена - 1.4 часа.
словарем пользоваться можно.
На первый взгляд это может показаться несложным, но трудность письменного экзамена состоит в том, что исправить допущенную, иногда одну единственную, но решающую ошибку нельзя. Ведь, "что написано пером не вырубить топором".
Что же посоветовать абитуриенту?
При выполнении каждого задания будьте предельно внимательны.
Несколько раз проверьте каждый ответ, и ни в коем случае не ориентируйтесь на подсказки соседей. Они тоже могут ошибаться, как и Вы.
Абитуриент правильно выполнивший 35, 36, 37 заданий получал оценку 3(три). Выполнившие правильно 34 и менее заданий..., но про грустное говорить не будем.
Да, экзамен не простой, но упорные, настойчивые и поставившие целью стать студентами РЭА обязательно его сдадут. Желаем успеха!

Прочитайте текст и ответьте на следующие за ним вопросы, отметив правильный вариант ответа


Since my first days on this planet I have always shown love for adventures, determination and free spirit. Now, when I remember my childhood I can't help feeling sorry for my poor parents. When I was born, the family moved to Ireland, and it was there that I showed the first signs of die adventurous side of my nature. Mum recalls how she left me sitting with a box of toys inside a playpen (манеж) in the living room while she was working in the kitchen. A few minutes later she was surprised to find me crawling around her feet. Puzzled, she carried me back to the playpen and convinced herself that, perhaps, she hadn't put me inside it in the first place. When I appeared in the kitchen for die third time, she realized something was wrong and decided to keep an eye on me through the crack in the door. She couldn't believe her eyes. I lifted the edge of the playpen, crawled out under the gap and then pulled the playpen down to the floor again, leaving everything in the right place. Everything, that is, except me.

The day I found a way out of my imprisonment was the start of my adventures. Nothing much was going to stop me as I found a variety of ways to escape and to cause parental anxieties. If I was left outside in my pram I pushed it up and down until it started moving. All by myself I managed to cover some very impressive distances but, luckily, everyone knew who I was and where to return me. When my sister was born, I was 15 months old, up on my own two feet and walking. And mat posed a new set of problems for my Mum and Dad, who were constantly running around trying to contain my desire to travel. Dad decided to put a fence round the garden but that was never much of an obstacle, it was more of a challenge. For me, if it was there, it was there to be climbed. I regularly managed to escape and often the only evidence of me having been in the garden was a pair of trousers left hanging on the fence.

These were the first signs of the free spirit and my competitiveness took only slightly longer to show itself. After 18 months in Ireland, we returned to England. During a toddlers' 20-mctrc race, I found unexpectedly a new method of dealing with the opposition. This involved me knocking into the other runners, leaving them on their backsides, and consequently finding myself about as far ahead as you can get in a 20-metre race. Surprised, I stopped to look where the rest of the runners were, only to find them all back on their feet and running past me.

Years later, a lack of skill and experience led to a sporting disaster. As one of the team captains on the school sports day I had asked for volunteers to compete in the mile race. No one volunteered so I had to run. I decided that I was going to win or die trying. When they carried me off the stadium, I was about a round ahead of the other runners but it was just a pity that there were still another two rounds to go.

In the 20-metre race, the writer
1. accidentally caused a problem.
2. did not know where the finish was.
3. tried to win by cheating.
4. did not understand the rules.

The writers mother was astonished because
1. he left no trace of how he had got out of the playpen.
2. he could not find his own way from the playpen to the kitchen.
3. she could not understand how he was getting in the playpen.
4. she had to leave everything in the right place.

What does the writer say about the mile race?
1. He was glad to take part in it.
2. He was expecting to win it easily.
3. He did not know how many rounds it involved.
4. He did not run it in a proper way.

What does the writer say about the fence in the garden?
1. He hurt himself trying to get over it.
2. His parents watched him climbing it.
3. He was annoyed that his parents put it up.
4. He immediately wanted to prove he could climb it.

Why was the writer fortunate in his adventures?
1. Nobody knew him.
2. No harm was done to him.
3. He always knew well where to go.
4. Somebody always went with him.

Заполните пропуски, выбрав подходящие по смыслу слова из списка

The Americans are keen on _________the race to send human beings to Mars. In 1992. the new boss of the

____________explorers to another planet in the solar system. He reminded them of the symbolic gift ____________to the moon and back by the Apollo 11 mission. It bears a message intended for the crew of the first spaceship which will visit Mars. Goldin thinks it is time to begin the preparations for this historic journey. His speech the words of the President, who promised that in 2019, 50 years after Neil Armstrong ___________on to the Moon, the first astronaut would stand on Mars.
By the end of the twentieth century, various unmanned spaceships had _____________investigated the surface of the planet. But, however clever a robot may be, it cannot _______________the type of information which can be gained from direct ________________experience. The first geologist on the moon, Harrison Schmitt, was ______________of interpreting the story of the landscape on the spot. Until ______________walk on the red deserts of Mars, we will not be able to determine the history of this frozen world in any detail.

Отметьте правильный ответ

A car is not __________ to park __________ a bicycle.
1. so easily ... as
2. such easy ... as
3. as easy ... as
4. more easier ... than

Alice thinks the firm is in trouble. She __________ this month.
1. was not paid
2. has not paid
3. has not been paid
4. had not been paid

All his advice __________ useless and never helped me.
1. was
2. have been
3. were
4. are

Ann did not notice them __________ her.
1. were following
2. to follow
3. follow
4. had been following

Any foreigner __________ to work in this country must have a work permit.
1. is wishing
2. wishing
3. having wishing
4. wished

Cuckoos do not build nests, they use nests of __________ birds.
1. the other
2. another
3. other
4. others

He decided to delay his departure until he __________ the Director.
1. would see
2. saw
3. did not see
4. would not see

He had __________ little knowledge that he could not pass the exam.
1. such
2. so
3. such a
4. so a

He showed no sign of __________.
1. having offended
2. offending
3. having offending
4. being offended

I do not mind __________ after when I am old.
1. looking
2. being looking
3. to look
4. being looked

I would like to know how many times __________ since he came to New York.
1. has he called
2. he called
3. he has called
4. he had called

It is difficult to make a stubborn person __________ his mind about something.
1. to change
2. change
3. changing
4. to be changed

Jane had a great number of mistakes in her test. __________
1. So did her friend
2. Her friend had either
3. Neither did her friend
4. So had her friend

Regular exercise makes you feel __________.
1. a lot more healthier
2. less healthier
3. a lot healthy
4. a lot healthier

She put her __________ clothes into a bag and walked out of the house forever.
1. fewest
2. much
3. a little
4. few

So far scientists __________ to find a cure for the disease.
1. had failed
2. failed
3. fail
4. have failed

That is nice, __________?
1. is not that
2. is that
3. is it
4. is not it

The breakfast __________ in the train was awful.
1. was served
2. served
3. serving
4. having served

The living room looks lovely. We __________.
1. have just been redecorated it
2. had just had it redecorated
3. had just redecorated it
4. have just had it redecorated

The sauce is great. It __________.
1. is tasting good
2. tastes so well
3. tastes good
4. is tasting very well

The vegetables did not taste good. They __________ for too long.
1. were being cooked
2. had been cooked
3. were cooked
4. cooked

There are many problems in my life. I have not decided yet what __________ in the near future.
1. shall I do
2. I do
3. am I going to do
4. I will do

Unless we __________ so much energy our resources will last longer.
1. will waste
2. will not waste
3. waste
4. do not waste

We doubted if she __________ her decision by the end of the next week.
1. would be changed
2. changed
3. had changed
4. would have changed

We managed to get to the airport in no time because there __________ traffic.
1. were heavy
2. was little
3. is much
4. were much

We __________ with the Smiths for two days and returned to London by train.
1. had stayed
2. have stayed
3. stayed
4. have been staying

When we arrived home the preparations for the party still __________.
1. were making
2. were made
3. were being made
4. had been made

You may laugh, but I hardly find __________ amusing about finding a snake in your tent at night.
1. any
2. something
3. nothing
4. anything

__________ attentive you are, __________ mistakes you make.
1. The more, the more
2. The more, the less
3. The less, the fewer
4. The more, the fewer

__________ by a shop window he paid attention to the picture exhibited there.
1. To pass
2. Having passing
3. Passing
4. Being passed

__________ is made of wood.
1. The kitchen door
2. The kitchen’s door
3. The kitchen doors
4. The kitchens door

__________ no reason why I cant see you tomorrow.
1. It is
2. There is
3. It was
4. There are

__________ the station __________ the cinema is a good place to meet.
1. Either, or
2. Neither, or
3. Both, and
4. Either, and

__________ who wanted to see the match were disappointed.
1. Most people
2. Most of the people
3. Most of people
4. Most the people

__________ you ever __________ any elephants when you were in Africa?
1. Did ... see
2. Were ... seen
3. Had … seen
4. Have ... seen

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